Is Gay Okay?

Pride_flagMonday July 25 was the official kick-off day of Pride Week in Vancouver. This massive event will run all week, starring live music, parades, activities, and more. Sexual identity is openly celebrated and praised. What was once considered shameful and hidden is now openly enjoyed in the light. Make no mistake, the LGBT movement has taken Canada and the entire Western world by storm.

Ness Lake Bible Camp, located close to Prince George, has recently got into hot water for refusing to hire a staff member who supported homosexual relations. These two events reveal several truths about our world. First, the LGBT movement has gained cultural relevance. Second, the church will be brushing up against questions of homosexuality, sexual identity, and inclusivity.

The church needs a clear sexual ethic. The church needs a concise theology of identity. This is a polarizing issue, meaning that there is no more room for fence-sitting.

It is the traditional view of the church that homosexual behavior in any context is sinful (see Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:26-28, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). The first human relationship in the Bible is monogamous and heterosexual (Genesis 2:21-25). Here are some conclusions we draw from these passages.

  1. Man and woman were created unique and uniquely compatible.
  2. Gender-identity is God-given.
  3. Each gender has unique roles and obligations.
  4. Proper sexual ethics reflect the nature of God.
  5. Therefore violating this ethic violates the nature of God and His image.
  6. Violating the nature of God is sin, therefore improper relations are sin.
  7. True identity is found in God.

Homosexuality is sin. However, there are many other actions and behaviors that violate our God-given sexual ethic (adultery, premarital relations, bestiality, incest, lust). This means that people who struggle with homosexuality are no different than those who struggle with other sexual sins. Rather than anger and hatred, we should respond to this movement in the same way that we respond to others fallen to sexual sins: by offering the Grace of Christ.

True love is not sexual freedom. True love is selfless giving and care. True love is exemplified in the works of God (1 John 4:7-16). True love transcends lust or sexual desire.

The Christian response to the LGBT movement can only be Christ.